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Contrast is defined as "the state of being strikingly different from something else in close association." Sauna and ice baths have incredible benefits on their own, but together they create the dream team.

Contrast therapy is an age old practice and the act of deliberately going between these drastically hot and cold environments have significant health benefits when it comes to recovery, metabolism and mental resilience. What will you discover about yourself and the world when faced with extreme temps and challenging conditions?


The Sisu [see-su] Barrel Sauna, powered by HUUM, ranges in temperature from 215º- 230º The term itself means perseverance, determination and grit, all qualities developed through consistent sauna therapy.

When exposing the body to heat, it produces Heat Shock Proteins which carry benefits that promote muscle repair and reduce inflammation.

The 5 key benefits of sauna therapy are:
> Cardiovascular health
> Autoimmune, chronic pain & fatigue conditions
> Mental health
> Exercise performance & metabolism
> Detoxification

Expect to be dripping with sweat and breathing through discomfort.

Recommended Use:
57 total min per week: 2-3 sessions per week @ 10-15 min at a time [do not exceed 20 min]



The Morozko Forge Cold Tank ranges in temperature from 32º - 45º and is the only ice bath that can make its own ice.

Deliberate Cold Exposure [DCE} as it sounds is the intentional exposure to cold temperatures through cold showers, cryotherapy, cold plunging, etc.

Creating a disciplined practice of DCE, you can look forward to the following 5 key benefits:
> Better stress management
> Enhanced immune system function
> Improved clarity of mind
> Better sleep
> Significant increase in epinephrine & norepinephrine, bringing you energy & focus

If you’re a bit uncomfortable, you’re doing it right. Shivering is good! As it works to warm your body up, it also activates brown fat and increases metabolism along the way.

Recommended Use:
11 total minutes per week: 2-3 sessions per week @ 2-3 min at a time [do not exceed 3 minutes - longer exposure can be counter-productive]



Breathwork is the intentional practice of using breathing techniques to shift our current mental state and improve our body's physical functions. This practice teaches us how to either calm or activate our systems through a simple change of breathing rhythms. Taking a pause and a long exhale is just the start.

A consistent breathwork practice:
> Reduces stress and anxiety
> Boosts immunity and releases toxins
> Boosts mood and overall self-esteem
> Increases focus and creativity

Inhale. Exhale. Don't underestimate the power of the breath

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